Wanted to know what's our workmanship cost for your materials? Fill in the forms below, and send us your materials. Let our professional workers handle the rest for you!
TAKE NOTE: No payment is required to make order for Shearing Services. Payment will only be required when customer self pick up their after-sheared materials or when the after-sheared materials is delivered to the customer. Payment method available is CASH only.

Step 1 of 6 : Choose Material Type

Step 2 of 6 : Your Material Thickness (mm)

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ORDER NOTE: Stock sizes may vary +/- 3.0mm and Cut to Size tolerance is +/- 1mm to 2mm. Actual material thickness may vary as standard mill tolerances apply. Color and Texture of material varies from mill to mill and cannot be guaranteed.

Step 5 of 6 : Select Date to Deliver Material to Us

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